A topic not often discussed, especially in this era of employee shortages, is age discrimination. When long term employees are told without any previous warnings that their positions are being eliminated and the following week younger people are doing the exact same job, this is age discrimination and it is unlawful.

Failing businesses will use this tactic hoping to revive their situation and strengthen the bottom line. Instead of discussing ideas with employees about the possibility of improving problems, business owners choose to make foolish decisions. Employers often do not listen to employee concerns, thinking that as the owner of the company they know all.

Employees make up the backbone of all business operations and without employees there is no business. If one chooses to focus only on the age of employees rather than their knowledge he will be sadly mistaken. For in age there is also experience and wisdom.

My advice to business owners especially in small communities, please have open discussions with your employees and listen to their ideas rather than kicking them to the curb because of their age or years of employment. A tarnished business reputation reaps no new rewards. It stagnates and dies.

—Timmi Weingartz,
Brown City