ALMONT — The village recently welcomed new manager David Trent. Trent, of Salem Township, began his new role in September. Trent is also currently serving as Salem Township trustee. He has been an elected member of the Salem Township Board as a trustee for 11 years, as well as eight years as Salem Township clerk. Trent previously served as the Grass Lake Village Manager and the Ortonville Village Manager.

Trent and wife Cindy have three children and recently welcomed their second granddaughter. While Trent and his wife currently reside in Salem Township, he plans to move reasonably closer to Almont in the future. In the meantime, he is looking for a short term rental to help ease the commute during the winter months. In his off time, Trent enjoys golfing and spending time with his family.

David Trent hopes to tackle water main projects, DPW upgrades and more in his new role as village manager.

Plans for his time in Almont include road repairs, water main projects, and DPW upgrades.

“I was pretty successful in Grass Lake with obtaining federal money and grants to help with road projects. I am hoping to have success here as well,” he said.

Trent also noted the water main at East and West St. Clair near Main Street, and expressed the need for an upgrade to provide better water pressure for residents.

The DPW is a top priority for Trent as well.

“The Village offers leaf pickup for residents. A necessary tool for that, the vacuum, is 20 years old. It is time to look into if it is feasible to repair or if we should look at replacing it,” he shared.

Trent plans for Almont to be the last stop on his resume, calling this his last rodeo.

“I was looking for an opportunity to close out my career path in a slightly larger community than I previously served. I am enjoying every minute so far. Council has been great to work with.”