I have been reading about the nationwide push to portray Thanksgiving as a racist holiday that celebrates the slaughter of Native Americans. Schools, public officials and elected individuals engage in this self flagellation to satisfy their own desire to be righteous. Along the way millions are exposed to the continuing claim that the United States is an evil nation and was formed as an evil nation and exists on “stolen land.”

I am so sick and tired of hearing this drivel. I will readily admit that throughout our history, just as in the history of any nation, there have been actions that looking back we condemn and are not proud of. But we strive to improve and be better. No nation in history has ever provided the freedoms and opportunities for its citizens to the extent provided by the United States. But the grievance industry is alive and thriving. To those who subscribe to such nonsense I simply say “get over it.”

Despite all the craziness that exists today I am thankful I was born in and live in the greatest nation that ever existed. I am thankful for the freedoms I have. We all need to work very hard to make sure we can keep them.

—John Lengemann,
Imlay City