Compassion, empathy and humanity are alive and well in southern Michigan.

Today’s world is a jumbled up, confusing and often sad place. Factions are sewing discord in every direction and leadership seems non-existent. Television news sources leave us feeling disoriented, disconnected and defeated. Crises in our schools, crises at our borders, crises overseas, crises of economics, crises of conscience. But when the person I love most in this world was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, an outpouring of compassion, empathy and humanity brought us clarity, insight and comfort.

Family members, neighbors, friends, medical professionals and peers from work gathered together to help us through this very difficult time. To many, my wife was just a faceless stranger. Whether compassion, empathy and humanity are learned or natural traits, I don’t know. Do they spring from Christian charity, a sense of right, or simply because they are expected in the profession you chose? The source is irrelevant.

Heroes are found everywhere every day! Imlay City has heroes. Lapeer County has heroes. Troy Beaumont has heroes. Cooper Standard Automotive has heroes. We appreciate their devotion, imaginative kindness and unending energies. They will likely say, “We aren’t heroes.” My wife and I love them all. They are heroes and we recognize them with adoration and praise.

Compassion, empathy and humanity are alive and well in southern Michigan and we have proof.

With gratitude and love,
—The Andersons,
Imlay City