I am asking the residents of Lapeer County, whether they are Democrats, Republicans or politically agnostic, to contact the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission and insist that they keep Lapeer County whole as a state house district.

You can provide your written public comment to the Commission on their online portal or by mailing it to them at: MICRC, P.O. Box 30318, Lansing MI 48909. The final 45-day public comment period commenced Nov. 14.

Lapeer County is unique in that its population of 88,600 people is closer by far to the 91,000 population target for a state house seat than any other county in the state. It only makes sense for the commissioners to work around Lapeer County for the other Thumb area and Southeastern Michigan house districts they need to redraw.

It’s clear we should keep Lapeer County whole.

—Jerry Tkach,