Recently another letter writer asked if Biden is good for this country. I wrote back to let him know I had asked the same question back in March. I received one reply, enlightening me that Trump was a cheater and a liar. I was looking for specifics. Instead, I received a typical, Democratic generic answer. Well, last week, this same person answered your question with a yes; however, she added that Biden also needs to lower internet costs, give free medical insurance, make the wealthy pay their share in taxes, and take action on climate change. My response to those claims is as follows:

Internet is a service. You want it, buy it. Do you work for free?

I’m still not clear on this medical issue. Medicaid is available for all low income and the homeless for very little or free. They get the same, or better, coverage as me for almost nothing.

As for the wealthy paying taxes, did you know that many of the politicians needed to make this law are all multi-millionaires? Meaning this will never happen.

Concerning climate change, it has been changing since the beginning of time, up and down. This paper has posted a number of writings of policy disapproval but I haven’t seen any showing support. This is your chance to tell us why Biden is good for this country, Google me—I’m not hard to find. I promise I will not criticize, I’m just looking for a reason why you like Biden’s changes. However, be prepared to answer why you are okay with paying more for gas? Why you are okay with letting in undocumented people across the southern border and not letting in people with a passport from Canada? Why you are okay with individuals refusing to work, but still eligible to receive unemployment benefits, creating a huge employee shortage? Why you are okay with Biden leaving hundreds of Americans behind in Afghanistan and getting 13 soldiers killed? And the list goes on.

—Wally Maslowsky, Almont