A recent letter to the editor bemoaned that the writer and a person of opposite political views were unable to find common ground to have a discussion. That is unfortunate. However, there are some individuals whose views are such that common ground is impossible. Over my lifetime I have run into a few of those.

Applying that to the events of today, I would love to have a discussion with a supporter of Joe Biden. I’d like to understand or hear the rationale as to how the pull out of Afghanistan was a great success. I’d like to understand why Joe Biden ignored the advice from his military leaders and then lied about it, saying they never told him to leave a residual force. I’d like to know why 5.4% inflation rate with prices of everything skyrocketing is a good thing. I’d like to hear an explanation of the merits of the open southern border with nearly 2 million illegal immigrants crossing the border this year. I’d like to understand how a 1.5 trillion dollar COVID relief bill plus a 1.5 trillion dollar infrastructure bill plus a 3.5 trillion dollar reconciliation bill [read give-away] is good for our country. I’d like to know how increasing taxes on corporations and individual taxpayers plus a wealth tax—a tax on the value of assets you hold even though they the assets are unsold—benefits our nation. I’d like to know how it is a good thing to restrict the development of fossil fuels in the U.S., putting thousands out of work and resulting in the price of gas at the pump up about 50% in less than a year. Then going with hat in hand and begging Saudi Arabia to produce more oil to bring down prices.

It would be interesting to hear the point of view of those who believe Joe Biden has done a good job in the first 10 months of his presidency. I have a different take on things but I am open to an opposing point of view and the rationale therefore I’d love to hear it.

—John Lengemann,
Imlay City