On Friday, October 15, a man named Curtis rescued my 17-year- old grandson west of town of Almont. My grandson had spent the previous night at my Almont home and was headed to his home in Clarkston to prepare to attend the funeral visitation and service for his grandfather that afternoon in Shelby Township. Needless to say, my grandson did not allow much extra time to accomplish the feat. When he was about ten minutes from town, my grandson got a flat tire. Immediately a man stopped to assist and used a kit to plug the hole in his tire as it had a giant screw stuck in it and filled up all of his tires using his air compressor.

My grandson told the man “thank you,” shook his hand, and asked him his name. The man responded “Curtis” and handed him a Bible. Thank you very much Curtis for rescuing my grandson and keeping him safe, being an angel on earth, and providing hope for humanity! I truly appreciate you Curtis and please carry on!

—Cathy Campbell,