CAPAC — Attendant Care Autism Services, a Chesterfield -based organization, has opted to open it’s newest location in the village of Capac.

Last month, staff started seeing clients at their offices on N. Main Street, between Park Street and Bryce Road.

“Over the past year and a half we’ve been looking to expand our
services,” said Brett Pulte, Marketing Manager for Attendant Care Companies.

“There’s a need for these kinds of services in smaller towns and so, in working with Community Mental Health, we identified Capac as being a good area to service clients in.”

Attendant Care has other locations in Chesterfield, Fort Gratiot, Flint and Birch Run.

Currently, Attendant operates Autism Centers in Chesterfield, Fort Gratiot, Flint and Birch Run.

At their new Capac facility, staff will be offering applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy which they describe on their website as being “the application of basic behavioral practices to facilitate the development of language, social interactions, independent living skills, and other socially significant needs.”

Pulte said that ABA is a fairly new type of therapy that’s shown to be one of the more effective approaches to autism services.

Although Attendant Care is eager to help new clients, Pulte said that there’s a fairly lengthy process families must navigate before their health insurance will cover autism therapies. Among those requirements is a formal autism diagnosis.

“There is certain testing that needs to be done and those centers that offer it are not very prevalent in Michigan,” Pulte said.

But Attendant Care staff are able to help families get started on that path, he said.

“We want to help them navigate the system that can seem to be convoluted and confusing.”

The company is currently hiring staff for their new Capac location.

For more information about Attendant Care Autism Services, visit or call 586-228-9991.