In an October 20 letter to the editor, a writer has expressed his view not to sign the Secure MI petition. Why? Why don’t we need to know that votes magically don’t appear from dead people, people moved somewhere else, in jail, don’t exist, or frankly don’t care to vote? When ballots are sent out as our Democrat Secretary of State did in 2020 election, that will happen. Why shouldn’t some kind of ID be required to vote? Everything one does requires ID.

While it should be our duty as citizens to vote, a nation must be secure in actual citizens voting, not illegal aliens or non citizens. As part of Secure MI, free ID cards will be issued to those who don’t, or can’t drive. That takes the cost of IDs out of that excuse. If one does not want to have proper ID, how can one function in life? Our existence depends on ID.

No ID requirement is simply the Democrat’s plan for illegal voting. Remember the Chicago style political line, “Vote early and often.”

—David Naeyaert,