Over the last several months, a group of musicians have been practicing in order to re-establish the group that we knew as the Royal Rubes. Under the leadership of director Mike Swanger, members Kevin LaHaie, Gloria Bublitz, Valentina Todaro and Deniz Avouris have prepared to begin performing. In recent news releases I referred to this group as the Royal Rubes 2.0 because, as I understood it, they were an entirely new group of band members. That was not a correct assumption.

On Saturday, September 18 at the 2021 Heritage Festival, the Royal Rubes 2.0 was not born. Band member Kevin LaHaie performed with the Royal Rubes at an Almont fall festival in 1981. Though he only played on that one occasion, in the spirit of the original group, he was a Royal Rube. Once a Rube, always a Rube. As a result, the Royal Rubes were reborn on that day.

After more than a quarter of a century, a group of local musicians have given new life to an honored and beloved Almont tradition. I and the Almont Community Historical Society thank you for your efforts.

The group is next planning to perform at the Holly Day Light Parade on December 4th.

At the Heritage Festival and from other persons since then, the group received donations for the purchase of a sousaphone/tuba. We are still about $1,000 short of our goal. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

—James R. Wade Sr.
President, Almont Community Historical Society