In a letter to the editor in the October 13 issue of the Tri-City Times, John Lengemann asked for Biden supporters to let him know, “if Biden is good for this country”? It won’t work. Back in March of this year, I asked for Biden supporters to come forward with the same question he’s asking. I asked for a serious discussion, pros and cons, about both candidates. I only had one reply and it was from an educated, professional woman; however, I could see she was swayed by the Biden press. She kept telling me that Trump was a cheater and liar. I told her that unless she had something specific about both men, I didn’t feel we could continue. I wonder, after seven additional months, does she still feel she did the right thing?

Every Biden supporter I talk to told me they disliked Trump so much, it didn’t matter what he did. They voted for Biden only because he was a Democrat. They never compared what Trump did and what Biden said he will do. They got their way and Biden is doing everything he promised. Biden says his three trillion dollar spending package will be paid for by the rich. Haven’t you heard? From their own mouths, the rich say they don’t pay tax now, why does anybody think they will pay it later. Unfortunately, we and our kids will pay.

I have so much more to say about this president’s policies, I would need three full pages in this paper or maybe more.

—Wally Maslowski,