Nine months into Biden’s presidency and we have seen: a debacle surrounding the Afghanistan withdrawal, chaos at our southern border, confusion about the COVID vaccine and booster shots, inflation rate in excess of 5% and our foreign policy in total disarray as our allies no longer trust us.

For those who proudly supported Biden in 2020 I would like to know if you believe these have been a good thing for our country and if so, why?

A concern that I think all citizens should share is the gradual diminishing of our liberties. The pandemic is the perfect vehicle for those who hold the view that government should make the decisions regarding the lives of the citizens because the government consists of “experts” who know best. We see this with things such mandating vaccines, mandating face masks, rules regarding what portions of stores we may enter and what portions we can’t. All of these intrusions into personal liberty are a form of “grooming” the public to accept more and more control over their lives by the government functionaries.

We need to push back firmly against all attempts to limit our freedoms and liberties. As an aside I hear the argument made constantly with respect to abortion “it is my body and my choice.” Why are those same people who make that claim unwilling to accept it when made by those who oppose vaccination?

—John L. Lengemann,
Imlay City