This summer, farmers in the Midwest received some bad news when a federal court granted a win to Big Oil refiners who sued to block an EPA rule allowing summer sales of E15 biofuel blends. By discontinuing the year-round sale of higher ethanol blends like E15, the court’s decision threatens growth in a vital market for corn farmers and renewable fuel producers in states like Michigan.

Now more than ever, we need Michigan lawmakers to stand up for farmers, low-carbon biofuels, and the broader agricultural community by promoting new markets for E15. With five percent more ethanol than standard 10 percent blends, E15 provides a wide array of benefits for our state’s economy, the climate, and consumers. More ethanol in our gas means boosted investment in rural jobs, savings at the pump for drivers, and reduced carbon emissions. Our farmers have faced some serious challenges over the last few years, and now is the time for our legislators to show us that they have our backs.

—Tom Durand,
Michigan Corn Growers Association