As the days of summer will soon be gone and turn into fall, so it is the hope of many millions of people that the constant push and fears to vaccinate or not vaccinate be left alone to each individual and be dropped.

Since Trump has lost the main criticism of the daily news headlines, there seems nothing else newsworthy, really? Facts prove though that millions of Americans wish Trump would come back today. Trump is now and has been doing rallies to let the people know he is still trying to help America. He is a president who truly cares about the American people.

A more desperate subject is the one big crisis of the constant “Help Wanted” signs by nearly all businesses or “We are Hiring” banners. Pleas from every business owner, needing workers to come help and people to get back to their jobs. How can we as Americans expect the economy to thrive or our businesses and stores to stay open and remain supplied when people stay home? People really should get back to their jobs or get a new job and, in between work, pray that God will help America through these and many other difficult times. America needs to start praying! As summer fades away and fall with all its beauty of colors on the trees start, we might all take just five minutes to pray daily the Our Father, looking up and on our knees to God asking Him to guide and help each of us to serve Him better.

—Theresa Orlowski,
Goodland Twp.