Supt. looks to quell rumors about August 24 incident


DRYDEN — A medical emergency required Dryden Elementary School to enter a brief “lock down” on August 24, the second day of school for students and staff.

In a letter to families and the community issued the following day, Supt. Mary Finnigan sought to address rumors about the incident and assure parents that their children remained safe during the ordeal.

Finnigan said that a staff member experienced an emergency that required help from other staff members. A medical lockdown was issued and students were removed from the vicinity.

“We do medical lockdown so that we can keep the hallways clear so that any person can receive the help and care that they need without an audience,” Finnigan wrote.

“This also helps us keep the hallways clear for emergency medical personnel to do their jobs and for the emergency vehicles to have clear access.”

Finnigan stressed that the emergency was not the result of any kind of violence or weapon use. She went on to say that few other details about the incident can be shared due to privacy concerns for the staff member.

“I am very proud of how our elementary staff came together to take care of our colleague and friend. It was amazing how all of the training that we do came together to assist the individual in their time of need,” Finnigan added.

She went on to describe the staff as a close knit family where people jump into action to take care of each other and keep everyone safe.

“Our staff dealt with a very difficult situation and shielded our kids from witnessing it,” Finnigan said.