I couldn’t have said it better myself, referring to John Lengemann’s, letter to the editor in the August 11 edition of the Tri-City Times. Why is everybody so surprised? Biden is keeping his promises. Isn’t that what we wanted? We voted for him to get rid of “all things Trump.” We disliked Trump so much, we were willing to give up all the good he did. We now realize at the end of the day, we didn’t have to go home with him, have dinner with him or spend our evenings with him. We didn’t have to like him, we just had to like what he did. But we wanted a Democrat in office. Was it really worth it?

Biden’s promises have resulted in extended unemployment pay, giving out money, higher prices, creating record debt and more. But the biggest story is the border. I cannot understand denying Canadian citizens—vaccinated and with a passport—to enter this country, just to visit. However, letting non-vaccinated, undocumented people across the Mexican border to live here. Biden is urging U.S. residents to wear a mask, but at the same time allowing migrants to cross the border. Yet, Democratic politicians aren’t speaking up. Is this a political tactic? Hand out money, and in return say, “Look what we did for you, vote for me.” Also, federal law allows non-citizens to vote in state or local elections. So, let in as many people as possible, give them food, medication, and housing, and get their vote as a thank you.

Undoing all things Trump sounded good at first but the reality of that is setting in. If you are a Democrat, are you comfortable with this administration’s programs? Maybe it’s time to reconsider your affiliation in the next election.

—Wally Maslowsky,