It’s been more than six months since President Biden took office. What has his performance been to date? I would suggest it has been dismal. To his credit he did promote a distribution system that is, for the most part, successful in distribution of the COVID vaccines. However there has been no announced plan of how to deal with COVID going forward. Are masks going to be required or not? If so, where and under what circumstances? Are our children going to go back to in person learning with teachers and children in the classroom? Will they have to wear masks? Will teachers have to be vaccinated? Will teachers have to wear masks? Different government officials give different answers on an almost daily basis. There is no single policy and no clarity. A clear and defined road forward should be starkly outlined by the president. If circumstances require modification, do so and clearly spell that out to the citizens.

The border is simply a debacle. It is a mess of gigantic proportions. Thousands upon thousands of illegals entering this country weekly. Some infected with COVID. What is being done? Nothing. We have closed the Canadian border so tightly a gnat could not enter. Does Biden know this is happening? I wonder as he seems to be oblivious to the border crisis.

Our economy is on shaky footing. Inflation is a serious concern. Employers can’t get employees off the addictive unemployment compensation so they are cutting back operations. Some restaurants have simply closed their doors because they can’t get help. What is the Biden plan? Infuse the economy with $3.5-4.0 trillion new borrowed dollars.

I wanted to give Biden an opportunity to prove me wrong in my evaluation of what he would be as president. Instead he has lived down to my every expectation. I am concerned that what we are seeing are apparent diminished cognitive abilities. I hope that is not the case but if it is who is making the executive decisions? At this point in his presidency he seems on track to be a president who doesn’t reach the very low standard set by Jimmy Carter.

—John L. Lengemann,
Imlay City