“Is this what we voted for?” asked John Lengemann is his June 16 letter to the editor, referring to illegals, high gas prices, and skyrocketing consumer product prices. The answer is absolutely yes—it’s what you voted for.

When Biden promised he would stop the border wall construction, what did you think would happen? 180,000 illegals in May. When Biden promised he would stop the pipeline and oil drilling permits, what did you think would happen? We now have to buy more foreign oil, raising gas prices. When Biden promised to help the COVID-forced unemployed by giving an extra $300 a week, what did you think would happen? Dishonest people realized, just by applying for unemployment, they could stay home and get paid. Now, as people are trying to return back to a pre-pandemic lifestyle, we find our store shelves short of products, creating supply and demand prices. Biden is keeping his campaign promises and it’s just beginning. His next promise was to repeal Trump’s tax cuts. While Trump was in office we had lower income taxes, higher wages, 7 million new jobs were created and there were record 401k invest returns.

The election was about choosing the better candidate, so why fix it if it isn’t broke. You voted to get rid of “all things Trump.” Why? I will never understand how anybody could dislike a person so much that they are willing to give up a comfortable lifestyle for one of stress, uncertainty and a higher cost of living.

—Wally Maslowsky,