Summer is finally here and I wish to say a few lines on behalf of leadership and the 4th of July. We had a real, robust, energetic American in Donald J. Trump as our president. He fixed so many things and did not run away and hide at the first crisis of a unknown virus either. He stood by the people of the USA and went all over the country and helped in all ways he could. One gets so tired of news stations still bashing this president.

Donald J. Trump, our president in 2020, had a wonderful speech last year at Mt. Rushmore on the beauty of the 4th of July. Did anyone see or hear it? It was wonderful! A patriot man who truly cared about every detail of American history. History was again being made. Remember when a president talked to the nation and he was on every possible TV station? I wonder why he was not that day and others.

People flew American flags, held close to values and we were headed in the right direction just a few months ago. I never saw so many people of one mind and proud to be Americans all because this one person, this one President—although not perfect as none of us are—brought up in each one of us a deep love for America. People gathered by the thousands to hear him at every rally he had and did we see that? Did we see the peace and Americanism brought out at each one? We should have. Donald J. Trump stood and stands for truth, justice and the American way—apple pie and the Grand Ole flag.

Happy 4th of July America and to you Donald J. Trump. Many millions miss you in the White House, a President for the people.

—Theresa Orlowski,
Goodland Twp.