Thank you to Tom Wearing for the excellent article he wrote in regards to the 2021 American Lung Association Fight for Air Stair Climbing teams in the June 9 edition of the Tri-City Times.

The Imlay City Fire Department Stair Climb team had less members this year than in the past. One of our best, Eric Schwalbe, participated in this event with the Orion Township Firefighters Stair Climb team and finished in 25th place of 121 firefighter stair climbers. Eric serves on both Orion Township and Imlay City Fire departments.

I am happy to see our friends in Almont and Dryden fire departments receive the recognition they so rightly deserve.

Kudos to the staff of the Tri-City Times for supporting the efforts of local firefighters and other first responders.


—Louis Kepler,
Imlay City Fire Department Stair Climb Team, 2021 Captain