Is this what we voted for? Despite the current administration burying its head in the sand, the southern border is a disaster. In May 2021 alone the Customs and Border Patrol encountered over 180,000 illegals crossing into the United States. How many got in unnoticed is anyone’s guess. The policy, despite protestations to the contrary, seems to be “come on in. Everyone welcome.”

Is this what we voted for? Inflation in the month of May increased 5%. A gallon of gasoline cost about $2.06 a year ago is now about $3.13. Food, clothing, lumber and other consumer goods have seen record price increases.

Is this what we voted for? Governors and other elected officials demanding citizens follow prescribed rules of behavior during the pandemic only to engage in behavior that clearly shows the rules do not apply to those who make the rules.

Is this what we voted for? A greater lack of respect and understanding between people of differing political views such that compromise for the greater good seems out of reach.

No. What we voted for was to get rid of all things Trump. We got that along with the baggage that came with it. The cure looks like it is far worse than the disease.

—John L. Lengemann,
Imlay City