Why are we such sheep? Where is the spirit of independence? Of liberty? Of freedom? The public response to the governmental actions as it relates to the pandemic is appalling. Most citizens not only defend the onerous, and in many cases useless and nonsensical, rules, orders, and dictates decreed by either elected officials or by unelected and self-declared authorities/bureaucrats, but they actually comply. In many cases citizens, under the erroneous belief that “government knows best” chastise others who question the “rules.” Yet we recently learn that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has exaggerated the risk of the spread of COVID in outdoor settings. Why do we place faith in bureaucracies that let political considerations impact what is supposed to be scientific findings? Or faith in elected leaders who refuse to tell us the truth because of their condescending belief that we “can’t handle the truth.”

Will we be required to show a “vaccination passport” to be able to travel? Enter stores? Go to amusement parks? Attend sporting events? Or to do any other normal activity?

People die every year from the annual flu. There are flu shots that will either prevent or lessen the severity of the disease. Do we need a flu vaccine passport? What about a polio passport or smallpox passport or whooping cough passport?

I believe in vaccinations and am vaccinated against COVID. I have taken what I believe to be a wise precaution against contracting the disease. So why do I need to wear a mask when I go into Kroger? If the answer is to protect against spreading the disease to others my response is the risk of my spreading COVID is miniscule and if others make the choice not to protect themselves they have put themselves at risk, not me.

It is time that the freedom minded people of this country stand up and say “enough.” No more rules set forth by dictatorial elected officials or bureaucrats. No more restrictions on my freedoms. Where is the Tea Party when it is needed? Where are those who say “Don’t tread on me?” Let’s not be sheep that simply follow directions that lead to the slaughter.

—John L. Lengemann,
Imlay City