Our country is in a time of unrest, and troubles and the idea of disbanding the Imlay City Police Department was the absolute wrong move to make.

We have a deep sense of trust and security from those in the Imlay City Department as they have devoted their lives to protect and serve this community for years.

The police station, as well as the police themselves, can be compared to “lighthouses in the darkness.” During times of distress who is there for us next to God? It’s the good cops, coming to help or people going to them for the same. Good police make a city great!

While God created the world to have order and harmony, there unfortunately came a time in paradise, as the Bible tells us, when people would need guides and rules to continue on the right path to ensure this harmony. The police are to play a part in this task and they do lay their lives on the line to ensure this, to protect and serve. Imlay City Police have done this for many years. God bless and keep them.

This country needs all the good, God-fearing and loving cops it can hold!

—Theresa Orlowski,
Goodland Twp.