Best wishes and abundance of thanks to all the mothers within this reading and beyond. Here is your own special day to be praised, pampered and appreciated.

Also to one very extraordinary Mother, I would like to draw attention to. For those who may not know her, she is called the “Mother of all Mothers,” and her family is extremely large—all of us on this earth.
Her name is honored in millions of places all over the globe, and one specific prayer was given to us by this mother herself long ago. Her name is Mary. She is the Mother of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Happy Mothers Day to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the sweetest, most tender hearted and brave mother ever.

She gave us the form of prayer called The Rosary and in 1917 she came from heaven, appearing to three young children in Fatima, Portugal. One of the things she asked us all to do through this heavenly visit was to pray the rosary every day.

She is a mother who truly cares, who really listens, who touches hearts and often cures all ills.

The late Rev. Fr. Patrick Peyton, a very pious Catholic priest, spent his whole priestly life traveling the world with his rosary rallies to honor Mary and bring people closer to Jesus.

Having said this, I again wish to bellow out Happy Mothers Day to all mothers but especially to Mary, the Holy Mother of Jesus Christ. What the world needs right now is Mary.

—Theresa Orlowski,
Goodland Twp.