Tensions were high among speakers, commissioners

IMLAY CITY — More than 200 people attended Thursday night’s community forum at the Eastern Michigan State Fairgrounds to discuss law enforcement services.

The meeting lasted four and a half hours and no vote was taken by city commissioners.

The City of Imlay City is considering the dissolution of their police department with the intent to contract a police force through the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Department.

The forum provided Sheriff Scott McKenna a chance to outline what his department could provide to Imlay City. He believes he could help the city save $400,000-500,000.

Currently the police department’s costs comprise $1.3 million of the cit’s proposed $7.2 million budget for 2021-2022.

Residents had the chance to ask questions and share their opinions with nearly all voicing opposition to a possible outsourcing. Tensions ran high among both speakers and commissioners.

The commission is due to meet again on Tuesday, May 4, at which time a vote may or may not take place. The regularly scheduled 7 p.m. meeting also includes a public hearing for their 2021-2022 budget.