In the 25 years I reported on news and events in Imlay City and the surrounding area, I have never encountered a situation like the current controversy regarding the Imlay City Police Department and its future.

Never have I seen a police chief, a leader of a local law enforcement agency, publicly disparage the officers under his watch as outgoing Chief Scott Pike has done on the police department’s Facebook page.

Throughout his short tenure in Imlay City, Pike transformed the Facebook page from one where police activities were posted daily—a list of incidents, arrests, traffic stops, etc.—to a spot for his personal observations, quips, religious beliefs, and sadly, a pulpit in which to throw shade at the department, the officers and city leaders. For someone who constantly touted having a “thick skin” on that public page, Pike’s post about his impending departure seems to indicate otherwise. While constantly touting his love for the community, Pike’s choice to use social media to air details and outline his grievances does nothing but fuel the flames of division and angst.

As an Imlay City business owner, I am dismayed by the negative reflection this has on the community. We all create our own legacy. The outgoing police chief—unwittingly or not—cemented his on April 21 in a social media post for all to see. It speaks for itself.

—Catherine Minolli, former Tri-City Times editor and Imlay City business owner