You cannot put a price tag on community safety and community pride.

The people of Imlay City are very proud of our police department and of our police officers.

To disband our hometown department is an idea that never should have been proposed or given serious consideration.

I am very disappointed and cannot understand why our city manager and our elected commissioners are engaging in this process.

Other than the Sheriff’s Department or Lapeer County, who is going to benefit from changing from “city” to “county” control of our law enforcement? It is not going to be Imlay City residents.

This decision will be decided by our elected commissioners. Hopefully, they will give consideration to the voices of our residents who have spoken loudly in opposition to this plan.

City commissioners are elected to serve the needs and best interests of the community.

If we lose our hometown police department, our local control will be lost and gone forever.

I think there is more to this than saving money. I believe that residents will be giving up much more than anything to be gained through cost savings.

I’m urging our mayor and elected city commissioners to please acknowledge the will and wishes of the people they represent.

Please, either reject this whole idea, or vote in opposition to disbanding the police department when it comes to a vote.

The benefits of local control and the public’s safety are at stake.

—Al Ramirez,
Lifelong Imlay City resident