It has come to light that the current city commission for Imlay City is attempting to outsource our police department and contract our safety and the defense of our city to the county sheriff. This is a dangerous idea.

The commission has also displayed of lack of common sense with public funds, having spent our tax monies to hire Plunkett Cooney, a law firm in Detroit, to provide them with a favorable opinion regarding the legality of outsourcing our police. We currently pay a city attorney. It seems the commission has no difficulty spending tax money to get what they want, but claim they are acting in the city’s best interest when removing the police.

We must retain our own, independent Imlay City Police Department as our city charter demands. We need to clean out city commission members who oppose the will of our citizens. We need to audit the expenditure of public funds by these people.

—Phil Fulks,
Imlay City