Quite possibly you are feeling antsy—no pun intended! With the sun shining and days getting warmer you can now see all the cobwebs that have been nearly invisible, unless of course you walk through them. Ants are starting to find the door as well as flies. The windows are kind of cloudy and the flower beds are in need of a good raking. It’s time to clean up all the birdhouses you put away, hang them up and don’t forget to lay that lint out of the dryer someplace they can find it. Now the hoses come out and it’s time to put air in the wheelbarrow, as well as the tires on the kids bikes. Bring out the lawn ornaments and wash them.

Buy a package of shims from the hardware department, use them for row markers. One day when you have nothing to do you can pre-make the ones you know you will grow in your garden, or flowers you may plant. Use permanent marker to write name, wait a bit and spray with clear spray paint a couple times before you use them.

Save a couple of gallon milk jugs, washing them out with hot soapy water, rinsing and storing them for use later.

You will need a few gallons of white vinegar. It must contain 5-6% acidity to kill E-coli and other household bacteria. Some spray/stream plastic bottles are useful. Baking soda, epsom salt and Borax are useful also.

To kill weeds take one of those that clean gallon jugs and put one cup epsom salt, 1/4 cup plain dawn dish soap and add enough vinegar to fill half way. Cap tightly and swirl until the salt is dissolved. Then fill the jug to top with rest of vinegar.

Use only on weeds you want to kill. When spraying use a piece of cardboard to shield other plants from overspray.

To kill bacteria, E. coli and other germs on bird houses, cutting boards, toilet seats, countertops, flower vases, hand rails, steering wheels, buggies, lunchboxes, car seats, wheel chairs, canes, bottom of purses and luggage, take a spray bottle into which you put 50% each water and white vinegar. I have been known to spray my cutting boards I use for meats and chicken with full strength vinegar and let them set in sink while dinner is eaten. Then just rinse with hot soapy water.

Good plants for keeping mosquitoes away are catnip, lemongrass, eucalyptus, rose and citronella geraniums, and of course citronella plants, which can be brought in to winter over.

Just a moment ago you were sitting around thinking what are you going to do on this day. Well getting up and out of the chair is a good start, and eating a decent breakfast is another or your get up and go will be gone before you ever get to use it. Now doesn’t that sound like your Mom?

Now I’m going to sprinkle my carpet with baking soda, and after a really good lunch, vacuum it up. I know I will have a great day because all the odors will be gone from the dog, the cat, and anything else that landed on the rug and smelled.

Until next time.

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