The earth’s climate change has been here since the beginning of time. However, global warming started with the invention of the light bulb and the automobile. Scientists recognized this, and U.S. companies responded. Who do you think put up all the wind turbine farms and solar farms? We are not new to the idea of using renewable energy to make electricity. DTE has been working to be completely coal free by 2040. But, renewable energy isn’t perfect.

As a GM engineering retiree, I remember seeing my first electric vehicle 30 years ago. It was a van with a multitude of batteries under a false floor. It was their first design of a battery vehicle, which was heavy and couldn’t go far without a charge. We’ve come a long way since then, and are continuing. Amazon ordered 100,000 battery powered vehicles, and plans on being completely converted by 2040. Changeover takes time and money.

After the Paris Climate Accord’s Administrative Court recognized deficiencies and a failure to meet its goals, Trump pulled us out. We were one of the largest contributors to the accord, but produce only 15% of global emissions. Trump felt every country should contribute. However, Biden put us back into the Paris Climate Accord.

Biden imposed a number of restrictive orders impacting this country’s progress. He doesn’t realize his orders are slowing down an already growing effort toward being fossil free. Our engineers have been quietly working on it since Biden was in grade school. His pushing renewable energy and shutting down our own natural resources doesn’t make us work faster, it increases costs which are passed on to the consumer. Mr. Biden, think back to how long it takes you to pass a simple bill. Please, stick to what you know and let our engineers do their thing. We are working as fast as we can without your help.

—Wally Maslowsky,