Sen. Kevin Daley’s bills, introduced as part of an election reform package, is nothing more than an attempt to undermine confidence in our election process, suppress Democrats’ voting rights and to denounce the For the People Act, House Resolution 1. The resolution passed in the House of Representatives on March 3rd on a straight party line vote. The bill would require states to allow universal mail in voting, automatic voter registration, limit the use of restrictive voter ID requirements, extend deadlines for registering to vote and reform campaign finance laws.

Daley must do his research and realize election fraud is vanishingly rare. In 43 states the Republican legislators at the state level have introduced 253 bills to suppress voting rights, including more than 30 in Michigan.

The 15th Amendment guaranteeing the right to vote for African-Americans, and the Civil Rights Act, will correct all attempts to change elections laws at the state levels.

I would suggest to Senator Daley to stop introducing legislation trying to suppress the rights of Democratic voters, and introduce legislation to create jobs, improve our roads, improve infrastructure, and improve the lives of all of his Constituents, including the ones who did not vote for him.

—Gary L. Cooley,
North Branch