Soon after reading Kevin Daley’s guest column in the March 24 edition of the Tri-City Times, “Resolution would erode confidence,” I noticed the noxious taste of bile in the back of my throat which basically summarizes my feelings on what he wrote.

Sen. Daley’s position rests on the belief that the recent general election was riddled with fraud and corruption, and that the results cannot be trusted. The only things that can’t be trusted in this instance are politicians who continue to spread undemocratic tropes and pass legislation which makes voting more difficult with barriers and challenges to our basic democratic values.

Even one of the most virulent proponents of these baseless claims, our former president’s spokesperson and lawyer, Sidney Powell, recently used the defense that “political statements are inherently prone to exaggeration and hyperbole,” and that “no reasonable person would conclude that the statements (regarding the election) were truly statements of fact,” according to her lawyers.

Unlike our state senator, Rep. Gary Howell of North Branch, while bemoaning the presidential election’s result, has not supported the notion of any fraud or inaccuracy in the vote tally. So why does Sen. Daley continue to traffic in these lies and misinformation?

We should always demand the truth from our elected officials as anything less undermines the basis of sound government.

—Jerry Tkach,
Oregon Twp.