It is clear that the situation at our southern border is a debacle. The flow of illegals across the border has increased by leaps and bounds, It is expected to become significantly worse.

The one thing that this massive flood of illegals seeking to get into the United States has done is put the lie to the claim that we are a “white racist” nation. If that were the case and you were brown or black would you risk life and limb plus pay the Mexican Cartels huge sums of money just to get into a country that reeks with racism and hatred towards people of color? I think the answer is you would not.

They seek to enter because they want to escape the hell holes of countries they live in and go to one where they have an opportunity to have a good life and they will be treated with dignity and respect.

Immigration is fine. It needs to be legal. It needs to be orderly and structured. It needs to serve the interests of the United States. It needs to be done in a manner that assures assimilation.

—John Lengemann,
Imlay City