Presently the city continues to work diligently on hiring a new police chief. While working through this process, a discussion was held at committee level about having our police department managed by the sheriff. This was only discussed as one option. This idea has only been discussed at a committee level and not yet with the city council as a board.

Now, we find ourselves as a community in a unique situation. A large number of our neighbors have expressed an interest in hearing details, both pro and con, of such an idea. Unfortunately, because of COVID-19 restrictions, we are limited to 25 people total inside our commission meeting. Even if we were to change venues, we are still limited to 25 people indoors at one time. I personally believe something this important held online, such as Zoom, will lack the personal communication the residents of Imlay City deserve and are requesting. Because my goal has and always will be to preside over an open and transparent city council, I will not be placing the police department discussion on the April 6 agenda. We will postpone this discussion so that every resident will have the opportunity to join in on this very important discussion.

Very soon and when we can effectively gather as a community, we will hold a public meeting designated solely to this police discussion.We will gather, we will discuss and together as a community, we will decide. At this meeting, there will most certainly be time for residents’ questions and answers. Rest assured, decisions will not be made with regard to this police discussion prior to that community forum.

As always, all Imlay City residents are encouraged to attend any and all city commission meetings, the April 6 meeting included. The commission shares your commitment to Imlay City and appreciates your interest in this police discussion.

Please note, Imlay City invites city residents to a “One-on-One Police Discussion” with the mayor at city hall. Take a minute to stop in, ask questions and voice your concerns or support. All City residents are welcome! This will take place on Thursday, April 1 from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. and 5:30-8:30 p.m.

— Joi Kempf,