Here we are in the midst of the season of Lent. In a spirit of true tradition, Catholic Churches are offering the Stations of the Cross and hopefully many attend to recite them each Friday night in remembrance of the sufferings and death of Jesus Christ on the cross. Palm Sunday comes this Sunday followed by Good Friday then Easter. Keep it in mind.

Remember when every business had a sign on their door reading “We are closed on Good Friday from Noon till 3 p.m.?” People used to stop, go visit the church and pay homage to the Lord, thanking him for dying on cross for us.

Remember when stores were closed on Easter and every Sunday? Yes, the days have sure changed, but God has not.

I think during this season of Lent it would be a great thing to do some praying, getting on your knees and looking up, letting your heart flow to the one who can really help you, your family and our country.

Watch the Ten Commandments on TV and see the amazing parting of the Red Sea. To God nothing is impossible.

With a prayer for all during the Holy Season of Lent and into Good Friday and Easter. May God guide and help us all. Think about Jesus for a change.

—Theresa Orlowski, Goodland Township