There’s allure in the way that books help us travel and explore far flung places without having to leave home. In honor of March is Reading Month, staff at schools, libraries and other groups strive to remind young readers of the magic of the written word.

In a similar fashion, newspapers like ours help us stay connected with people and places close to home. Perhaps it’s a prime example of how the written word also has the power to strengthen the ties between us.

As journalists, we think a lot about reading and what our work means to our readers. We want the Tri-City Times to be accessible and readable to as many residents as possible. Our goal is to always provide for easy-to-understand news stories along with vibrant photos that help tell those stories. Our opinion pages offer a little something different. Here you find columns that range from sweet recollections to complex explorations.

If you’re trying to instill the love of reading in your child, grandchild or other young relative or acquaintance we hope newspapers play a role.

Leave copies in places that are accessible to young hands. Even if they just like looking at the photos for familiar faces or finding new or well-known words in headlines, there’s value in kids leafing through the pages.

Most experts say that the readability of most newspapers is junior high and older. Newspapers are good sources of information for upcoming events that appeal to teens like library programming, arts contests and musical performances. Turn to our Sports section and teen readers can find pictures of themselves or their friends plus game scores and more.

All the experts agree one of the best things adults can do to help youngsters improve their literacy is to set a good reading example. Get caught reading the latest copy of the Tri-City Times or a hefty novel and take advantage of opportunities to talk to your family and friends about what you’re learning.

We hope you take some time this and every month to lose yourself in a book, stay informed by reading this newspaper and appreciate how reading enriches our lives.