The restrictions imposed on citizens during this last year are unique and very dangerous. That is because they have, for the most part, been unilaterally imposed by one person in the executive branch of government. And it doesn’t matter if it is by the city, state or federal government the actions are the same. When Governor Whitmer was cut off by the Supreme Court she found a backdoor to impose the same things via the Health Director and the public health code—arbitrary and unilateral imposition of rules that have the force of law without any input by citizens via their elected representatives. Students quarantined because the spacing between themselves and a student who tested positive was 5 feet, 9 inches and not 6 feet. An administrator actually measured it.

Now we are seeing the tyranny of the vaccine beginning. How dare someone decline to take the vaccine, it is asked? Don’t you want to protect your fellow citizen? Will we all have to carry COVID vaccination cards to fly on a plane? Ride a train? Drive from state to state? Eat in a restaurant? Stay in a hotel? Ridiculous you might think. That will never happen here. And yet we see the beginnings with the propaganda from government about the need to be vaccinated.

If you are vaccinated how does my not being vaccinated impact you? If vaccination works and protects you then why are you concerned about me? Isn’t it my decision to take the risk that I’ll contract the disease? Don’t I have the freedom to make that choice? And why should my actions or behaviors be in any way restricted by my decision to refuse to be vaccinated? The only person at risk is me (or others making a similar choice to not be vaccinated) so unless the government has some duty/right to protect me from myself, I should have the freedom to make the decision and not be restricted in my life in any way by that decision.

It really isn’t about the pandemic or the spreading of disease. It is all about government using a crisis to exert more and more control over the everyday lives of the citizens. Once a politician or bureaucrat has that control/power, and the citizens have become acclimated to it, they are extremely reluctant to give it up and oft times will fight to the death to retain it. Governor Whitmer is a prime example. She refuses to consider a reasonable bill that would allow a governor short term emergency powers but any extension must be for a defined time limit with approval of a majority vote of the state house of representatives and state senate. One baby step at a time our freedom is being taken from us.

By the way, I have taken both shots. I happen to believe in vaccinations. But those who don’t should have the freedom to reject the suggestion with the only adverse consequence being to their own health. I am vaccinated. I don’t worry about those who refuse.

—John Lengemann,
Imlay City