In preparation for the 2020 Almont Community Homecoming, the Almont Community Historical Society decided to publish the eighth in a series of books to be sold at the 2020 Homecoming- “Remembrances of Almont 2020.” Besides the desire to record the history and heritage of Almont, the proceeds from the book’s sale were to be deposited in the Society’s Endowment and Project Fund. The Endowment portion of this fund is intended to provide a stable long-term funding source for the operation of the Society’s museum.

The original plan was to apply for grants to cover the publication costs of 500 copies of the book to be sold at Homecoming. With the postponement of Homecoming from 2020 to 2021 and not receiving all of the grants we were hoping for, the Society altered our plans.

Using the grant funds we received and a loan, we reduced the order to 200 copies and went ahead with publication in December 2020. It was the Society’s intention to use the proceeds from the sale of the 200 books to fund the purchase of 300 copies for sale at Homecoming 2021.

With the cancellation of Homecoming until 2025, buying the additional copies would be financially irresponsible. As of February 24, we have sold half of the books. Based on these sales, there is a demand for the book that will exceed the remaining copies. This presents a problem in knowing how many books to purchase. Buying smaller quantities will result in a higher cost per book, which will reduce the proceeds that the Society receives from the book or will require charging more for the book. Neither of these outcomes is desirable.

The Society will be buying additional books as needed, hopefully minimizing or eliminating the above undesirable effects. I would urge anyone who wishes to purchase the book to do so sooner rather than later. The books are available at the museum on Saturdays from 1 to 4 p.m. at a cost of $40. Mail order cost of the book including shipping is $48. To order a book; send name, address, and check made out to James Wade to:

James R. Wade Sr.
6204 Dryden Rd.
Dryden, MI 48428

—James Richard Wade Sr.,
President, Almont Community Historical Society