The Democrats claimed our last president was evil, corrupt and our worst president. After all, his policies resulted in the lowest unemployment since 1969; gasoline at 1990 prices; record high 401 retirement plans; lowest amount of illegal border crossings; cuts to food stamp and welfare spending by half; a push for the rapid re-opening of businesses and schools closed due to COVID-19; sent troops for cities enduring violent protests and so much more. But it seems the majority of people weren’t happy, and voted for change.

After only 44 days in office, Biden has stopped pipeline construction, stopped issuing new oil and gas permits and stopped construction of the border wall.

In his first six weeks in office, Biden signed over 50 executive orders, with nearly half of them reversing Trump’s policies. He’s taking credit for the COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

Biden’s policies will increase the amount of people on assistance, and create a debt we will never be able to repay. Since Biden took office, he has not had a single press conference to answer questions about his changes.

I would really like to have a polite and civil conversation with anybody that voted for Biden to ask them why? The problem is I can’t find anybody willing to admit they voted for Biden. If you’re out there, please look me up.

—Wally Maslowsky,