As a Village of Allenton resident whose home faces Capac Rd., it was encouraging to see Michigan State Police pulling over and ticketing a number of speeding drivers recently within the village limits.

Since the recent completion of the Capac Rd. rehabilitation project, the stretch of roadway in Allenton could best be termed as the ‘Capac Speedway.’

The majority of motorists completely ignore the posted 45 miles per hour speed limit, while barreling through town at speeds in excess of 65-75 m.p.h.

From my observations, southbound traffic uses this section of the road to accelerate on their way to wherever it is they are going.

It has reached the point where it is becoming increasingly difficult, and even dangerous, to access the roadway from our driveways.
And Lord help Allenton residents who must slow down to be able to turn into their driveways.

Perhaps, a regular State Police presence will increase awareness among motorists who regularly travel through our community on their way to and from work.

While a flashing yellow signal at the corner of Capac and Almont roads could be helpful, the installation of a signal could be years away.

Absent that likelihood, I want to acknowledge and thank the Michigan State Police troopers who have stepped up their coverage in the area.

A trooper I spoke with this week expressed surprise at the rate of speeds many motorists were traveling through the Village of Allenton.

Hopefully, increased police efforts and public awareness will translate to more people observing the speed limit, and fewer utilizing Capac Road as a place to hit the gas.

—Tom Wearing,