These here last couple of months have caused the boys at the Spit & Whittle Club to come to the weakly metin all fired up. There were so many things that I jist decided I couldn’t report on thim all. But this weeks metin were the most civil till the end.

First we all got the news that Trump won in the Senate. Will Wurthless, the resident liberal, sed it were his view thet Trump was guilty no matter what the evidence showed. Old Tom replied thet was exactly how every Dimocrat in the Senate voted. The evidence be damned, Trump is guilty. Ray observed how it weren’t much different on the Republican side as they didn’t care either. He was innocent no matter what. I told the boys thet it were my view thet it was jist a waste of time and money. Trump was gone and our country has bigger fish to fry. But the Dimocrats and the media want to chew on thet bone fer as long as they can.

Old Tom sed thet one of the things he was fearing was what will happen down the road? Could some other congress, say a congress controlled by Republicans, jist decide they wish to impeach a president; make up some charge and impeach him? How will what jist happened affect the future? I told Tom thet fer the most part politicians think about the here and now with little or no concern fer what affect it may have down the road.

By the way I meant to report thet jist as the metin got started Ray took all of our cell phones, turned them off and put them in his truck outside. Thin he unhooked my smart TV from the cable and turned off the power. We was all wonderin what was going on. Ray splained thet big tech can listen to everythin we were sayin by our phone or the tv. I don’t know if thets true Mr. Editer, perhaps you can enlighten the boys on thet point. I do know thet we are all jist a little concerned over how the boys at Silicon Valley are in control of what we can read or say on the internet.

I tell you Mr. Editer the virus situation is really strange. New York’s governor covers up how many died in nursing homes. Our own governor sets rules thet make no sense and won’t explain. Will sed it was his opinion thet the government knows what’s best and we jist need to follow the rules. When he sed thet the discussion got out of hand and I stopped taking minutes and adjourned the meting.

Yrs. Truly,
Celery City Charlie