After a recent visit to Downtown Almont, I needed to share how thankful I am to live near a small town.

While visiting businesses in town, I was gifted a handmade Valentine’s Day card from Liliana, one of the daughters in Randazzo Jeweler. After my trip to Randazzo Jeweler, I picked up my meal from The Rustic Bluebird. I headed home and enjoyed my carryout. Later that evening, I heard a knock at my door. It was Deana Hussey from Rustic Bluebird. She ventured all the way to my home, in the dark, to return my wallet. I did not realize that I had mistakenly left my wallet on their counter while I was picking up my meal earlier in the day.

I have always valued living near a small town, but this was the perfect reminder of how lucky we all are to live in such a kind and community-oriented area.

There is so much negative to find in the news, and I felt it was important to share about these small acts of kindness that meant the world to me.

—Bernadette McMichael,