YEAH! Our woke Governor is no longer pro-choice. I, an over 50 tax paying adult in the state of Michigan do not have the right to choose where I want to go, when I want to go and what I wear. Since the dreaded day in March, abortion clinics and pot palaces have been open for business, haven’t missed a day because those “CHOICES” are deemed worthy by this governor. I was under the distinct impression that the governor was elected to govern for all the people of Michigan not just her pet projects. It’s truly disgusting that our freedoms have been peeled away so quickly – did we not stand firm enough or is the corruption just so great that we had no power. I choose to believe that there is still hope. Hope in this great nation, hope in God to be with those who love Him and hope in my fellow man that we will band together against tyranny and totalitarianism. We need to take a page from the “anti-bullying playbook” that has blanketed the airwaves and our public schools over that last decade and say to the governor and her clan – your behavior is unacceptable, this is not how people should be treated and you do not have power over our personal lives. Our governing bodies have forgotten, as I think we have too – we are the taxpayers, without us they do not have a job. They work for us! They will not tell me who can come into my home, where I can go and that my evil face must be covered at all times because I’m a superspreader. Enough is enough! We have a new appreciation for looking at someone’s warm smile – pass it on!

—Gynnae Bourdeau