What was seen across Michigan and beyond was a picture now painted in words, here to clear the fog away, on a man who was our president.

Red, white and blue, I am for you—that’s a real picture of the former President Trump. What he stood for and what he stands for today, I have no doubt is truth, justice and the American way. He is a mere man, but full of grit. There’s no doubt John Wayne would of liked him.

Millions across Michigan showed their support by flying American flags, banners with Trump’s name, signs and rallies everywhere. Why? Because he showed a great interest in helping this country and its people. It was inspirational to see them flying all over Michigan. Something good was happening.
Never in all my born days, did I ever hear or see so much negativity towards any one president. He traveled all over this country in the midst of all the world’s troubles to be with us all—many times here in Michigan, caring for the lives and livelihood of each person.

Now Trump, as with most of us “real people,” is not perfect nor did he claim to be, nor do I say he is but what he stood for was liked by many Americans and to “Make America Great Again” was what we wanted and what we still want.

May God bless and help us all. Here’s wishing on a wing and prayer the fog gets lifted and truth shall prevail. God bless Donald J. Trump, former President of the United States of America.

—Theresa Orlowski,
Goodland Twp.