Area residents voted for the four conservative Imlay City Schools board candidates with the goal of filling all three seats to achieve an equal voice, vote and balanced board opinions.

Matt Parsch received 2,607 votes only to later resign. As Alex Lengemann pointed out, the board changed their rules and gave Matt’s seat to Kaylee Kaeding.

Common sense and fair play demand a public hearing for us, the voters, to decide where our votes would go. We would have divided them between Alex and Bill Lengemann and Carm Ross.

This board needs to realize Imlay City is a conservative small community with rural values. We do not want or need the progressive, liberal ideas and values of the city of Troy. We the people of Imlay City own the school and the board works for us. We will continue to elect conservative board members until we get fair and equal representation.

—Mark F. Cromas,
Imlay City