I felt the Republican Party’s leadership demonstrated a lack of foresight or vision during President Trump’s impeachment trial early last year. A lot of voters were turned off by the years of his lies, exaggerations, embellishments and walking back today what he said yesterday. His approval rating was dropping and his standing in the polls looked anemic. I thought the handwriting was on the wall—a lot of voters were going to vote for change or the lesser of two evils.

The party bosses defended Trump vehemently and preserved his presidency. Had he been impeached, the following July at the Republican Convention they could have nominated a candidate who wouldn’t be considered the greater of two evils or someone considered a great candidate. We would not have had Trump in the White House today but we would have had a Republican in the White House.

Loyalty is an enviable human trait, but blind loyalty is said to be a fool’s errand.

I believe a lot of us will be praying President Biden stays healthy for the next four years. I find the thought of a President Harris very disconcerting. I look forward to the 2024 primary with candidates the caliber of Mitt Romney, John Kasich and Paul Ryan in the mix. Men that will govern not only for today but ensure the next generation’s opportunity to live the American dream.

—Tom Janicki,