I understand that the Lapeer City Commissioners approved adult-use marijuana sales in all six medical-use marijuana stores in the city. Even better, their business hours were expanded.

I’m trying to wrap my thinking around the fact that these six pot selling businesses got extra sale hours, but no one can enjoy a sit-down restaurant meal. Restaurants defying shut down orders have faced fines and liquor license suspensions. The city also allowed grow facilities, testing and transportation through the city. Keep in mind that marijuana is a controlled substance and understand that modern pot isn’t your dad’s or grandpa’s pot. It’s got more kick too.

Banks can’t handle pot-generated money. That means all transactions are cash only. What a field for criminals!

In afterthought though, I guess this is a wise decision. With all the state regulations and dangers of exposure to strangers, Lapeer residents and anybody can get their own “tryptic” without travel problems. In other words, thanks to Lapeer, one can “take a trip without leaving the farm.”

—David Naeyaert,