I want to thank all of the Republican readers who responded to my letter to the editor, “Why do you vote Republican?”

In my opinion, the Republican Party of yesterday does not exist today. Truman, Eisenhower, Ford, both Bushes and John McCain were leaders during peace time and war that tried to represent all the people, not just Republicans.
We as Democrats cannot let our hopes for free public education, a living minimum wage, expanded Social Security, a path to universal health care, paid family leave, unionism and action on climate change be shattered by the right wing extremisms of the Republican Party.

Elections are only the beginning of the contest for power and in the coming contests there are people in peril who need our help, our energy and our solidarity.

We as Democrats must not abandon Muslim Americans, Hispanic Americans, LGBT Americans, women and inner city youth. History will never forgive us.

—Gary Cooley,
North Branch