Health Dept. not yet taking appointments
for COVID-19 shots; requests patience

LAPEER COUNTY — Local health officials are glad there’s many residents eager to receive the COVID-19 vaccine but Lapeer County Health Department Director Kathy Haskins warns it will be a lengthy process.

Haskins said their department is getting a lot of inquiries from residents hoping to get immunized but she wants to remind them that the county is following prioritization protocols laid out by the state.

“We are working through the phases for vaccination as quickly as possible. This is somewhat determined by the amount of vaccine we are able to get. As soon as we have vaccine we are getting it into people’s arms. Please be patient as we work through this process,” she said.

She asks that residents refrain from calling the health department at this time to inquire about getting the vaccine.

Haskins said they pledge to keep the public informed of their plans and will utilize print media, including the Tri-City Times, to eventually provide instructions for getting vaccinated.
Additionally, Haskins posts two COVID-19 updates weekly to the county’s website on Mondays and Thursdays. The county’s website can be accessed at

Lapeer County recorded it’s deadliest month for COVID-19 deaths in December. As of Monday, Haskins said the health department was informed of 40 COVID deaths. She believes that fact is likely contributing to residents’ eagerness to receive the vaccine.

“Many of those calling are those in high risk groups—ages 65-plus and those with underlying health conditions,” she said.

April 2020 saw the second most deaths for the county in 2020 with 25, followed by November with 20.

“Looking at the broader picture, if you combine November and December, about 60 percent of the deaths thus far occurred during those two months,” Haskins said.

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The latest COVID-19 statistics show Lapeer County’s number of deaths dropped while St. Clair County’s have ticked up.

Between Dec. 29-January 4, Lapeer County saw 133 additional confirmed cases as compared to 128 the week prior. There were just two deaths reported within the last week—a significant drop from the 11 reported the week earlier. As of January 4, Lapeer County had 3,671 confirmed cases and 99 deaths.

In St. Clair County, coronavirus stats saw an increase in the past week. Between Dec. 29-Jan. 4, an additional 417 new cases were reported as compared to 323 the week prior.

After declining for two consecutive weeks, St. Clair County’s number of active cases increased, growing by 138.

The county also saw 19 additional deaths. The week prior there had been 16, bringing their total to 163.